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The Eternal Holiness House of Indulgance and Divinity.
Hello livejournal, its been a while. 

No promises this time about posting more regularly this time though. 

Mostly I am just popping in to express my excitement about coming close to buying my first house.  Finally a place all my own that I own and can do whatever I like with.  Its been a crazy and drawn out process to get to this point, but by the end of this month I will be living in my own house.

Its been way too long since I had a house and I can't wait for all the fun that will come from living in one again.  Parties and art projects and all the other fun that there just isn't room for in an apartment.

I'm ready for this new adventure.


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flooor covered in organic sugar, much of it wet, but I can't see it. Took another spoonfu and th hiccups won't go thr hell away. Woder if the Bulleit was a good ideaoe or great one.
ahg mouth encrusted wih yuppie sugar The cat wants to know what the fuck I'm doing GODDAMN IT, I DONT KNOW.
Anither Bulleit will lay ne in my feathery grace. Grave;
Everytihing hurts

Its almost poetry.  Just beautiful.


As a qualification just so everyone is aware and all the facts are out before the people. Tonight I have consumed no less than the following.
3oz rum
2oz gin
4oz whiskey
1/2oz vermouth
1/2oz Lillet Blanc
Currently consuming ~1oz absinthe.

I am firmly on the side of national health care. There are a variety of reasons for this but tonight I may have come up with the best reason of all.  Japanese style game shows.

That's right. If you have never had the pleasure of viewing a Japanese style game show I will gladly share some with you.

The is Takeshi's Casle. A game show that was edited for american audiences as MXC.  This is a game show where the main goal is to not get broken or damaged by the last section of the show. 

This is known as Human Tetris.

If there is anything you may realize about these shows it should be that they are largely aimed at causing as much physical injury to the guests as possible.  Now you may rightly ask what this has to do with national health care.

This is what it has to do with national health care.  If we had a national healthcare system as Japan does we could have game shows where the main goal was to injure the participants. Forget American Gladiators. I'm talking full on contact physical pain game shows. Ow my Balls from Idiocracy could become a reality. This is the world we could build for ourselves. Intense physical pain would become our national pasttime. When accidental misfortune stopped being enterrtaining we could move straight on into full on masochistic entertainment.  Entire blocks of time devoted to women kicking men in the nuts. Whole channels devoted to women in skin tight outfits whipping naked women chained to famous architectural monuments. Hide the Eifel tower would become a national sensation. When the male contestants started beating the female contestants the entire nation would have to confront it's sexual bias.

All of this because our game shows would no longer have to worry about their contestants injuring themselves. And when they did who would be taking care of the medical bills. We all would be and thus we would all have a vested interest in the physical damage caused to these contestants. No matter how badly they break themselves you are going to be giving the government your money. At least when these prize obsessed morons broke their spines you would know that it was for your entertainment and your tax dollars were being spent to keep you thinking you were happy.  You would have some direct measureable level of enjoyment that you would receive from this sadistic show of human stupidity.

So when you hear people talking about how national health care is "socialsm" and it will ruin America then just remember if we had national health care people on that social soma that is TV would injure themselves fo your amusement.

Now I didn't get nearly as far with this as I was planning since I was distracted in multiple directions. But my point is this. If we bring about national health care wheel of fortune will be gone and in it's place will be wheel of torture. And I don't know about you but that's the America I want to see for my generations children. The inbred meth addict hillbilly fucks that they'll all be.

Sleep tight world. I'm done with my drinks and am ready to pass out while dreaming of your hopes and dreams burning to the ground. Loathe you all.


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This year was an absolute blast.  I failed to make it to almost anything I had planned to due to insanely long lines for everything.  I only did one of my planned costumes.  Despite all that it was still one of the best years I have had in a long time.

This year I saw more people dressed up and participating in the actual fandom than I have in a long time.  That was great to see.  Even though there were an insane number of people it didn't feel nearly as crowded and crushed as it has the last few years.  I think I only once felt a twinge of desire for a cattle prod to get people moving.

There may have been a reason for that though.

That was what I brought for our room.  There were only two people staying there.

My one costume I did actually wear turned out great and looking at the pictures even I am impressed with how fantastic it looked.  
Harlock Cosplay
Still looking for a good picture of emiko and I both in our costumes.  Here is one but I'm hoping for a better one.

Captain Harlock and Queen Emeraldas

I'm really happy with how the outfits came out.

Got to meet a lot of really fun new people this year.  Lots of good conversations with people.  It really felt a lot like the old Dragon Con I remember from years ago.

Jess and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary there in a way that only makes sense in our weird little world.  Room parties, sex, fabulous dinner and running around drunk at a hotel with other people.

Looking forward to next year already.  So much so that we already have our room booked.

Hope everyone else had as much fun over labor day weekend as I did.


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I found Waldo.

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Had to get up way too early. 5:30am is not a time to get up in my world. Thats typically a time to go to bed for me. Dealt with fucking morons on the road due to the rain. Took one of the most boring MARTA rides ever. Now I'm sitting listening to basic intro info about Flash, Flex, and Air.

Want sleep.



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Plastic toy guns do not survive 230 degree oven temperatures.  Sculpey does.  The two do not make a happy middle ground.  Instead you end up with sculpey in the form you planned and a very soft and one might almost be tempted to say, limp barrel, on your gun.

This has been tonight's lesson. Thank you for tuning in.


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This will certainly make your week a little better.

If you aren't sure how that makes your week better I will be glad to explain.  Unless you have two muscular men in jock straps with the power to fire lasers from the faces of babies chasing you on motorized wheels that they trade off while slapping each others asses your week isn't as bad as the dream that inspired the person that made this.  Just imagine the serious psychological issues that poor bastard has and count yourself lucky.


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This makes me happy.  Very happy.


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Here is a bit of information on me.

I have lots of areas of interest and lots of different things that fascinate me.  Automatons are one of those things.  I've loved wind up toys for about as long as I can remember.  Growing up I remember playing with the original Zoids which were little wind-up cam driven dinosaur shaped robot toys that you put together that when properly put together and wound-up would walk around waggle their arms and sometimes open and close their mouths.  They fascinated me and I would continually take them apart, put them back together and try to come up with new ways to combine their parts.  That's where it all started.

From there my interest continued to grow.  I love automata in all of their various shapes sizes and levels of complexity from the old midway and boardwalk coin operated fortune tellers all the way down to the simple wind driven weather vanes with dutch children churning butter.  They all fascinate me.  I keep eying books on making these sorts of toys but have yet to pick one up since I don't have the space to do much with them yet.  

The reason this came up today is that yesterday I saw several articles about a truly fascinating reconstruction of a very famous automata.  Da Vinci's Lion has been rebuilt and is on display in France.  I would love to go see it but there is no way I can afford to so all I can hope is it comes on tour at some point.

Of course this just makes me think of my favorite automata, Tipu's Tiger which is on display and has been for years at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  I could go into details about it but let me just give you the highlights from the Wiki.

"The operation of a crank handle powers several different mechanisms inside Tipu's Tiger. A set of bellows expels air through a pipe inside the man's throat. This produces a wailing sound, simulating the cries of distress of the victim. A mechanical link causes the man's left arm to rise and fall. This action alters the pitch of the 'wail pipe'. Another mechanism inside the tiger's head expels air through two pipes. This produces a sound simulating the roar of the tiger. Concealed behind a flap in the tiger's flank is a small ivory keyboard; depressing these keys expels air through a series of organ pipes."

Someone needs to get on with making a new version of that so I can see it in motion.


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